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1) Why do I need to use my location?

Answer: Using your location allows other users to see the location of the service you are providing



2) What all can I barter? 

Answer: You can barter any service, professional skill, talent, gift, ability, etc. We ask that you do not barter anything that breaks the law or we will have to remove your listing. 



3) What if I don't see a service I can provide?

Answer: Simply contact us in the "contact" tab and we'll be happy to add your service



4) Do I need to fill out my contact info?

Answer: Yes, we advise that you do this so other users can contact you regarding your listing. You control rather you wish to be contacted via email or phone.



5) Is this site secure?

Answer: Yes 



6) How to add a picture to my listing? 

Answer: Scroll to the bottom when editing or filling out your listing and select "add file" 



7) How to feature my listing?

Answer: First: This option is for our Premium Users only. 

Secondly: If already a Premium User,  go to "my listings" on the top left of the page. Click the "+" next to your listing. Click Make featured.