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About us

Project: CREATE serves as an introduction to a new paradigm! A paradigm that's not solely focused on money but a paradigm that gives the power back to the people and activates one's resources. We at Project: CREATE believes that everyone is their own universe. In each universe, there are lots of resources within them. What we mean by resources is an individual's natural talent, gift, abilities, and even expertise, knowledge, and connections. Our purpose is to connect individual's who see that money is not the only means of getting things done but instead one of many resources to achieve the desired result through conscious co-creating with our fellow man. 

Question: Do you believe we can Co-Create and share our resources with each other to make the world a better place?

If so, then you're one of the people we are looking for!

Within Project: CREATE we choose to use a system well known as Bartering. Instead of only exchanging material items for another, we choose to instead barter our talents, gifts, abilities, knowledge, expertise, and/ or connections for a desired result, purpose, or to achieve a dream that you deeply wish to see manifest. We strive to connect with as many people as possible through our project and help everyone create a space that removes restrictions and instead promotes limitless possibilities and creations. 

Welcome to our Project, and ask yourself... "What's Possible?"

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